Christine Family held hostage by Corrupt County!

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A simple family that once owned two businesses and a home decided to take their small children to tour this fine country while they were young. Brian and Ruth Christine sold their home and businesses and bought a bus and converted it into a comfortable traveling home. They were excited to show their children this beautiful country and teach them about the simple things in life and God's love. Tragicly they decided that Grants Pass, Oregon was a place of respite and stopped to stay for awhile. It was so beautiful and they liked the community. The Christine Family was befriended by a family who owned a farm next to the local library and invited them to park their home with them. What a wonderful opportunity to let the children learn about farm animals and still become involved in some social activities.

Honest, loving parents and citizens were the Christine's
Ruth came from England and was raised there as a child. In her shy life she kept to herself but was relatively happy and then fell in love with Brian here in the States and they married and had their first three little girls.
Brian grew up in Indiana and after his marraige to Ruth, he took his life of being a father and husband seriously. He became a member of the respected Christian organization called 'Promise Keepers' which promotes family and Christian values to men. He is also a long time Eagle Scout. They are an educated couple and love children and God. But they are simple as well, they are vegetarians and couldn't wait to raise a family full of children and love on God's priciples.
They had never been in trouble with the law and are non-violent people. They value nature and appreciating the basic things in life and in turn were excited to teach their children the same values amidst a materialistic world.

The Christine's do not drink alcohol, use drugs, or are otherwise a bad example to their children as seen in most families that are targeted by the CPS.

Who knew that such noble goals for the Christine's would be scrutinized so harshly that their family would be ripped apart by those who were threatened by such a sincere lifestyle?
In this 'free' country we pride ourselves in freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of diversified lifestyles. We even except homosexuality as a normal part of society and 'family insitution'. However in one day the Christine family was torn apart by colaberated effort on the part of Josepine County Oregon.

One anonymous tip from a caller and that was the end of the Christine Family!
One afternoon as Brian completed some work on the library computer, two officers of the law (followed by his distraut wife and children) approached him about one of his children. It was then said that an anonymous caller had reported that one of their children was dehydrated. The authorities did not ask if any of the children were recovering from a brief illness, which was the case. Brian and Ruth Christine were then taken back to their RV and their civil and parental rights were horribly violated.

Because Brian Christine, who was in shock at the accusations that the Grants Pass law enforcement was hurling at him, he responded with disbelief and kept asking what his civil rights were. Because of Mr. Christine's challenging behaviour the law enforcement officers and the CPS felt threatened and decided to pull out the big guns and show the Christine's who was really boss!

Can the Government come in and take YOUR children on a whim?
A CPS worker or police officer can show up at any un-appropriate time with out warning for any reason.
There is no 'miranda rights' or protection under the law that you have as parents. This is one area where no rights have been established. It is up to the mood, whim, kindness, or anger of a worker or officer whether or not they decide to take your children. If you do not plead and bend to their every command, or if you challenge their question their authority in any way; These government ordained people have the right to take your children at will whether or not you truly abuse your children or are mother of the year.

There is no overseeing agency to make sure that fairness takes place. The rooster is watching the chickens, power trips and abuse often takes place with-in this un-accountable agency. Meanwhile, while exerting their power un-nessecarily truly abused children die in other homes that go un-noticed or have 'cooperated' with the system. And yes, even children in State Foster homes are abused and die as well, actually in higher rates than children in home with two biological parents.

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List of suspected corruption with Josphine County and other counties of Oregon CPS: Violations of civil and parental rights, false allegations, brain washing children, sexual abuse of children, un-ethical practices, abuse of power, fabricating evidence...etc