Summary and Partial Update

Since Brian and Ruth had been to college and are fairly well educated, when this tradegy very first started they were able to build a website telling their story. When you visit you can see how their crisis turned into a nightmare.

Of coarse, as I earlier updated, the site that the Christine's hearachingly built and filled with vital information in there defense has vanished, so most of you will never see first hand the hearts of the torn couple, broken over the uncontrolled theft of their children by officials gone awry!

The Christine's were crying out for justice!
All Brian and Ruth new is that they loved and missed their children dearly. They were not the typical drug and alcohol abusers that you picture in your mind losing their children to the 'system'. They were a simple people that enjoyed a quiet life and wanted to raise their children to appreciate God and the simple beauty of the world around them. It wasn't nessecary in the Christine's eyes to expose their children to a cruel world of city living, requirements, a materialistic world that most of us live in. They wanted to keep their children innocent and pure for as long as possible. They wanted their children to grow up loving God, with out the current influences denying them the right to believe in their 'higher power' of choice.
The Christine family never hurt anyone and in turn thought niavely that they could never be a target of hate themselves.
Baby Olivia / Baby Moses
After the taking of their first three little girls, when Ruth was about to have baby Olivia she knew that this power hungry and unGodly agency would steal her fourth innocent child from her as well. She wisked baby Olivia off to Grandma Teri in the safety of another state! Baby Moses, a fitting title.
As predicted-A swat team style raid ensued for their Baby Moses!
Enraged that the Christine couple refused to disclose the safe location in which their new little one resided. Josephine County CPS raided the place the Christine's were staying at early dawn. The couple would now pay for their refusal of handing over Olivia to the 'care' of the State of Oregon.
The 'CPS' now strictly limits the visits with Lydia, Bethany, and Mariam to twice in an entire year.

Brian speaks out on the internet, in the local newspaper, supporters speak at the city council meetings pleaing for justice, and then hold picket signs weekly crying out for someone to help.

The Oregon 'CPS' campaign against the Christine's escalates as they try to fabricate more evidence and further hurt the Couples case. Yet still Brian, Ruth and their growing supporters make as much noise as possible hoping for some repreive.
Relentless- Oregon CPS tries to terminate Parental Rights forever!

After months of endless agony of not being able to care for their children and missing all of them dearly, the Christine's finally decide that even though the 'system' was wrong; Perhaps if they cooperate with their blackmailing demands they would indeed get their children home. But it was to late. The social worker laughed and informed them that plans were already in the works to terminate their parental rights...forever.
Broken hearted, desperate, and now 8 months pregnant with their fifth child Brian and Ruth did the unthinkable...or did they?

On August 2, 2001, Brian and Ruth Christine took back their three children from a 'suprovised' visit with a social worker. It was to be their last visit EVER. By what ever means they did it they took their children away from the people trying to abuse their power by stealing their children and fled.
The Christine's noise was now quiet as the news media, fed by the Oregon CPS trying to cover their backs and get the Christine children back flooded the air waves. Fortunately the original Christine website leaked out through more objective news reporters and the world heard about the Christine way or the other.

The little girls were scurried back to Oregon, while Brian and Ruth challenged extradition. Thus buying time for Baby Girl Christine to be born in Montana...hopefully out of the hands of the Oregon corruption.
With Montana now involved, the word spread like wild fire. I believe God placed special people in the Christine's path at every breaking point of their lives. Rich Angell was one of those.

The fight for the unborn was now in full swing as of course Oregon convinced their Montana counterparts to turn over the infant to Oregon. This is un-ethical and un-heard of in legal history. Fortunately in the end, after dear Abbey Rose was born, she was turned over to Grandma Teri Christine to be with her big sister Olivia (Baby Moses).

The day after Abbey Rose's birth, Ruth was ruthlessly hauled in to court still in pain and on medication to be forced by a Judge to be returned to Oregon immediately!

But the word of the Christine's was making headlines! Any publicity was good publicity at this point.

Brian and Ruth are now being held in a Roseburg, Oregon facility awaiting trial on several trumped up charges including kidnapping, custody interference, using a weopon in the commision of a crime, and other charges. No mercy from the DA...balls to the wall!

After several 'extentions' on the trial date one has finally been settled on, April 30th. But in the meantime more corruption has taken place. While Brian and Ruth spend endless days and nights in a dark jail cell seperated from the world and their children, the press and SCF ran amuck with their propaganda to convince the public of their indisputable case of severe child abuse and neglect. The average person would know no better and the Christine's were now silenlty locked behind closed doors, unable to speak for themselves.

The district attorney asked for another extention in February. It is a common practice of District Attorney's every where that if you leave one sitting in jail long enough they will be more receptable to a plea bargain or even turn on eachother. The Christine's and their attorney were not happy with this new extention. However, the DA promised them that he was preparing a deal that would be easy on them. Even though they knew they were innocent, the reality of the situation is that they were likely to spend a long time in jail. The Christine's were atleast willing to hear what the DA had to offer.

During this time the Oregon SCF requested that the Christine's sign their parental rights away. This was going to happen with or with out their consent, but the SCF offered them a deal they couldn't pass on. If they signed the papers, the children would go to Ruth Christine's parents. In light of this, the trial,and the long months in jail, the Christine couple heartbreakingly signed the papers.

Who would have guessed the plea bargain was a joke. It would have come down to 7 1/2 years in prison. They would be convicted felons which would mean Brian and Ruth would also be split apart forever. Ruth would be deported to England and Brian, as a felon, would never be allowed in England. Ruth likewise would never be allowed back in the U.S. This kind of deal is no deal and what Ed Steele calls a no-brainer...Bring in the JURY and let them here the entire story!

Are you know getting the feeling that the State of Oregon and the DA are completely out destroy this family at all costs?


You don't think that this can happen to you? You think that you are well to do and could stop such actions? You think that you are good and decent parents and no one would be so un-ethical? Please check out my links page and you will see that this is an epidemic destroying families from all walks of life.

Because they can, there is no accoutability in this government run agency. Anarchy is rule and workers can do as they please and will if you dare challenge them!