Baby up for Grabs!

The fight for Abbey Rose!

The day after Abbey Rose was delivered, Ruth was shackled and transported in a prison van to the court house. The officer and driver joked about Ruth feeling woosy and ill from the medication and recovery from giving birth. They laughed as they told her to let them know if she felt like she was going to throw up. They didn't want a mess to clean up. Medically, Ruth should never have been subjected to such activity so soon after the birth of a child.
In court Ruth Christine was ordered to be immediately extridited back to Oregon to stand trial for taking her children back from a system that has the power to take YOUR children as well.
Most painfully, I suppose would be the distant and uncertainty of where her new little baby would be. On the brighter side, she would join her husband in the Roseburg County Jail, maybe not with physical contact, but in spirit.

The State of Oregon fought feverishly with the Montana court to get custody of little Abbey Rose as well. I will never understand why the State of Oregon was so interested in getting all of the Christine children. I have never seen in my life a State Agency so obviously seeking to control and corrupt an entire family to such a degree.

With several parties requesting custody of baby Abbey, On October 26, a Montana Judge sided with the Christine's. Baby Ruth would be in the custody of Terri Christine and her older sister, Olivia. Abbey Rose was handed over to Ms Christine and remanded to the State of Indiana to validate Terri Christine's guardianship. Small battle won in the war of the Christine family!